Publications ([J] journals, [C] conferences, [W] workshops - see also here)



[J] G. Saponaro, L. Jamone, G. Salvi and A. Bernardino, Beyond the Self: Using Grounded Affordances to Interpret and Describe Others' Actions. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems - Early Open Access (DOI: 10.1109/TCDS.2018.2882140). 2019.

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[C] B. Junput, X. Wei and L. Jamone, Feel it on your Fingers: Dataglove with Vibrotactile Feedback for Virtual Reality and Telerobotics. In the Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems Conference (TAROS). London, UK. 2019.

[W] B. Denoun, B. León, C. Zito, R. Stolkin, L. Jamone and M. Hansard, Robust and fast generation of top and side grasps for unknown objects. Task-Informed Grasping (TIG-II): From Perception to Physical Interaction (RSS Workshop). Freiburg, Germany. 2019.

[W] R. Zenha, P. Vicente, A. Bernardino and L. Jamone, Robot Self-Calibration from Combined Visual and Tactile Perception. IEEE ICDL (Late Breaking Poster). Oslo, Norway. 2019.

[W] R. Zenha, P. Vicente, A. Bernardino and L. Jamone, Incremental adaptation of a robot body schema based on touch events. Mapping the self: infants, robots, and modeling (ICDL Workshop). Oslo, Norway. 2019.

[W] G. Solak and L. Jamone, Generalization of dexterous robot manipulation skills learned from human demonstration. Different Approaches, the Same Goal: Autonomous Object Manipulation (IROS Workshop). Macau, China. 2019.

[W] G. Solak and L. Jamone, Learning object-centric trajectories of dexterous hand manipulation tasks from demonstration. UK Robot Manipulation Workshop, Leeds, UK, Apr 9-10, 2019.

[W] M. S. Siddiqui, M. Hansard, I. Farkhatdinov and L. Jamone, Intelligent Grasping of Objects using 3D Vision and Haptics. UK Robot Manipulation Workshop, Leeds, UK, Apr 9-10, 2019.

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