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"What is CRISP? Give me a crisp answer, please..."

CRISP stands for Cognitive Robotics and Intelligent Systems for the People.

We do research in Robotics and AI, developing systems that will ultimately improve the life of people; we also aim to better understand human cognitive processes, by creating computational models that we test on our robots.

More specifically, we focus on the "intelligence of the hand", and we aim to create robots that can use their hands as smartly as humans do.

Topics include: tactile perception, grasping, dexterous manipulation,

visuo-haptic exploration, human-robot interaction and collaboration,

object affordances, tool use, eye-hand coordination.


The CRISP group has been funded in 2019 and is led by Dr Lorenzo Jamone.

We are part of the centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ),

and we belong to the School of Engineering and Materials Science (SEMS)

of the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

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